Base of the Pyramid and Climate Change

Joint Actions on Climate Change

Reserve the dates of 8-10 of June 2009 to participate in the Joint Actions on Climate Change Conference in the city of Aalborg in Denmark.

The conference is a joint endeavour bringing together five conferences in the field: European Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production, The Greening of Industry Network; SCORE!; Nordic Life Cycle Association, and Euro Sustainability. After 15 years of separate growth, it is now time to join forces to bring action and consensus on solutions.

Together with PhD student Jacob Ravn from Aalborg University, I am organizing a research workshop as well as a seminar for practitioners from different sectors to explore:

The potential and pitfalls of the Base of the Pyramid Strategy to bring innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions to developing countries.

The research workshop will be part of the Submission Domain of Design, Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Topics and perspectives could be, but are by no means limited to:
o        The role of business in society and on climate solutions in developing countries
o        Cross-sector collaboration and partnerships for sustainable solutions
o        Business strategy and practice for socially, environmentally, and financially sustainable innovation
o        Methodologies and practices for socially and culturally embedded climate solutions and business models
o        Transfer and development of knowledge and solutions between high tech environments and low tech environments

Deadline for abstracts is/was 25th of February, but do participate and contribute in the dialogue and discussion.

More info about the seminar for practitioners will follow. Stay tuned!


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