Mumbai Reflections

Taj Mahal Hotel Having just come back from India, and also having visited Mumbai, the terror attack suddenly felt very close by. Not only because I was just there, but because it affected the people I now count amongst my friends.

Therefore I would like to bring you the voice of Tripti Rawal, daughter of my friend and colleague Ravi. She has composed this poem as a response to the attacks.

Blasted Lives

Why do you kill? Why do you maim?
Devilish deeds in God’s name!

Sole breadwinners lose their lives
Orphaned children, widowed wives
You are responsible for many a tomb.
A thousand lives blasted, by a single bomb
Rising, soaring decibels of screams;
Charred remains of shattered dreams.

Have you no heart? Have you no shame?
Devilish deeds in God’s name!

Many now find death better – life worse
Each beat, each breath you made a curse.
Chirpy noises have silence become
In bitter pain, or totally numb.
Heavens now echo their blasted woes
What battle you fight? – No one knows.

Disfigured deaths – no one to claim
Devilish deeds in God’s name!

Halted hearts in coffins, under sheets
Innocent blood flows free on street.
Lives now brim with helpless grief.
There’s no escape! There’s no relief.
Normalcy seems far out of sight
In eternal darkness lay future bright

What is your cause? What is your aim?
Devilish deeds in God’s name!

Silence envelopes gallies and chowks.
Hands holding candles, the lost youth walks.
Time won’t heal but dry the tears;
Blood drenched newspapers still reek of fear.
Is it the reply of the Saffron Brigade?

Saffron or Green – you are all the same.
Devilish deeds in God’s name!


Tripti Rawal
27th Nov. 2008


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