People Centred Innovation with Base of the Pyramid

Sitting in the restaurant in a fancy Delhi hotel enjoying the cosmopolitan life around me must be the best ambience for sparking my path as a blog poster. And actually this post was supposed to be published long time ago, but alash… time flies. So here we go.

Innovating for a better future

Innovating for a better future

I am very excited to embark on this new combined research and consultancy project about People Centred Innovation with Base of the Pyramid. For the next six months I will be exploring how we can create new products and business models to improve the life of the half of the world’s population who is getting by on less than 4 usd a day (in comparative purchasing power as if they were living in the US), and how we can put people first and include their needs and aspirations, and their knowledge and resources in this. The UN calls it Growing Inclusive Markets.

The research project is funded by Network for Research Based Userdriven Innovation – NfBI and I have the pleasure of being part of the team of very skilled people at the SPIRE – Research Center for Participatory Innovation – at University of Southern Denmark. My case in this project is based on my collaboration with Danish company Danisco, who provides bio-based solutions for food ingredients and other stuff. I am working as a consultant in the project team together with their innovation manager Flemming Vang Sparsø, and we are exploring how Danisco can develop products and business models that will improve the nutrition and income of people in the rural areas of India. (And this is by the way what brings me to India, but more about this a bit later).

The aims of the research project are:

1. To map the existing field of knowledge and methods for people centred innovation with BoP
2. To identify the key challenges and opportunities for companies in identifying and incorporating peoples needs and aspirations in innovation with BoP
3. To sketch a methodology for a people centred approach for innovation with Base of the Pyramid.

In the coming months I will keep you posted on the activities and insights during the project. Stay tuned…


2 responses to “People Centred Innovation with Base of the Pyramid

  1. I am sitting in a Hotel in New Delhi at this moment as I read your blog. I am here, from Australia, to help with a setting up of a Design School – which focuses upon the base of the pyramid. See

    Re the three points you mention – the design school will teach ‘people centered innovation ‘ to students. Would be good to keep in touch as your work progresses.

  2. Dear Soumitri
    Thanks for connecting. This looks very interesting. I am looking forward to following the continued work in the design school.
    I am back in Denmark, but will be in India again in February. Would be great to talk to you or some of your colleagues about your visions. Have you checked the University of Delft? They have a whole department of industrial design also focusing on BoP – I am sure professor Prabdu Kandachar would be interested in collaboration.
    All the best

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